Member Benefits

BIRST uses a significant portion of its surplus to provide group insurance cover for financial members*.

Emergency Ambulance Cover

The emergency ambulance cover entitles all financial members* and their immediate family to a refund of the cost of an ambulance anywhere in Australia, in an emergency situation or on referral from a doctor.

The cover is up to $10,000 for any one journey. Immediate family includes spouse, dependent children under 16 and dependent full time students under 25 that are not in receipt of any taxable income.

Ambulance Claim Form (PDF)

Funeral Cover

We will arrange to pay the cost of the funeral of a financial member* and their immediate family up to the value of $10,000. In most cases the payment can be made direct to the Funeral Director minimising the financial burden on the family.

This cover provides peace of mind for families already struggling with the loss of a family member.

Funeral Benefit Application Form (PDF)

Journey Accident Cover

A financial member* injured while engaged in a direct journey between their normal residence and place of employment for the purpose of starting or ending their day’s work will be covered for 85% of lost income for up to 24 months.

Journey Claim Form (PDF)

*For full details on who is considered a financial member or to make a claim contact BIRST on (08) 8373 0122.